Compound is an accessory design studio. We build and grow DTC brands with a focus on the future.


Founded in 2011, Compound Studio is a Toronto-based house of brands specializing in direct-to-consumer accessories. With in-house design, creative and marketing teams — as well as our own fulfillment centers in North America and Europe — we take a fully integrated approach to production and sales.

Compound currently operates Vitaly, Clocks and Colours, and Etah Love, and is launching its 4th brand, Every Heart, in August 2022.

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Compound Studio takes a future-looking perspective at every touchpoint, from design and branding to manufacturing and operations. Our products are experimental, challenging the standards of accessory design. Our brands do not follow traditional fashion seasons, instead releasing new styles weekly to a digitally-native audience directly through social media.

Our brands are inclusive at their core, connecting with diverse communities and niche markets. We strive for environmental sustainability at every stage, using primarily recycled materials for production, delivered in 100% recycled packaging. 

We believe that this is the future of the fashion industry.

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